XD Speaker Mic for Motorola APX, XPR

Communicate clearly in even the most extreme conditions with the XD speaker mic for Motorola APX, XPR and SRX series radios. The Extreme Duty (XD) remote speaker microphone (RSM) is completely waterproof and capable of functioning even under water. Ideal for maritime, fire, industrial and other harsh environments.

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Communicate clearly in the most extreme environments with the completely waterproof Extreme Duty (XD) speaker microphone for Motorola APX, XPR and SRX radios.

The EarHugger® XD Series™ Speaker Mic is a highly ruggedized remote speaker microphone (RSM) for your ruggedized portable radio. This reliable extension of your radio’s speaker and microphone to your shoulder or chest allows you listen and transmit without removing the radio from your belt or vest. The XD RSM is designed to work properly in harsh environments including damp, wet, dusty, dirty and freezing locations. The XD Speaker Mic is completely waterproof and dust proof, rated for complete immersion up to 1 meter.

The XD Speaker Mic features a ruggedized microphone head, heavy duty coiled cable, and a field-replaceable clothing clip. The push to talk button is large and designed to be easy to use with gloves. The speaker, microphone, push to talk button, and cable penetrations are sealed to prevent water and dust ingress. The XD RSM is IP-67 rated for immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The XD Speaker Mic is ideal for maritime, fire, search and rescue, construction, manufacturing, mills and other environments where typical speaker microphones for Motorola APX, XPR and SRX radios are not adequate.



IP Rating
IP67 - 1M for 30 Minutes

Plug Type
Gold Plated
Heavy Duty Coiled


Microphone Type
PTT Type
On Microphone


  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Piece Design
  One-Year Warranty
  Premium Microphone
  Premium Speaker
  Push to Talk
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Works With

Motorola APX1000
Motorola APX2000
Motorola APX3000
Motorola APX4000
Motorola APX4000XH
Motorola APX6000
Motorola APX6000XE
Motorola APX7000
Motorola APX7000L
Motorola APX7000SE
Motorola APX7000XE
Motorola APX8000
Motorola APX8000XE
Motorola DGP4150
Motorola DGP5050
Motorola DGP5550
Motorola DGP6150
Motorola DGP8050
Motorola DGP8550
Motorola DP3400
Motorola DP3401
Motorola DP3600
Motorola DP3601
Motorola DP4400
Motorola DP4401
Motorola DP4600
Motorola DP4601
Motorola DP4800
Motorola DP4801
Motorola MTP830 S
Motorola MTP850
Motorola SRX2200
Motorola XiR P8200
Motorola XiR P8208
Motorola XiR P8260
Motorola XiR P8268
Motorola XiR P8600
Motorola XiR P8608
Motorola XiR P8620
Motorola XiR P8628
Motorola XiR P8660
Motorola XiR P8668
Motorola XPR4500
Motorola XPR6000
Motorola XPR6100
Motorola XPR6300
Motorola XPR6350
Motorola XPR6380
Motorola XPR6500
Motorola XPR6550
Motorola XPR6580
Motorola XPR7350
Motorola XPR7380
Motorola XPR7550
Motorola XPR7580

How to Wear

Wearing on Chest Diagram

Wearing on Chest

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn in the center of your chest, clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is the most popular way to wear the RSM – placing it close to your head in the center of your chest.

Wearing on Shoulder Diagram

Wearing on Shoulder

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn on your shoulder – clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is recommended for most law-enforcement professionals.

Wearing Over Shoulder Diagram

Wearing Over Shoulder

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn over your shoulder, clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is preferred when you need the cable to be tight and the RSM to be close to your head.


  1. Radio Connector
  2. Heavy-Duty Strain Relief
  3. Heavy-Duty Clothing Clip (not included)
  4. Push-to-Talk Port
  5. Premium-Quality Microphone
  6. Premium Quality Speaker


Replacement Parts

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