Earpiece Adapter for Motorola XTS, MTX with PTT

Radio Adapter – Motorola Astro HT, XTS, MT, MTX

$24.00 (USD)

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Radio Adapter – Motorola Astro HT, XTS, MT, MTX


Matte Black

IP Rating
IP54 - Weatherproof

Motorola XTS MTX w PTT
Plug Type
Gold Plated


Volume Control
On Radio
Audio Jack
3.5 mm Threaded
PTT Type
Radio Connector


  Earpiece Jack
  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Year Warranty
  Push to Talk
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Works With

EF Johnson 5000
EF Johnson 511X
EF Johnson 512X
EF Johnson 514X
EF Johnson 515ES
EF Johnson 515L
EF Johnson 518X
EF Johnson 51SL
EF Johnson 51SLES
EF Johnson 7700
EF Johnson AN/PRC-127EF
EF Johnson Ascend 5100
EF Johnson Ascend ES
EF Johnson Viking VP300
EF Johnson Viking VP400
Kenwood Viking VP600
Kenwood Viking VP900
Motorola GP1200
Motorola GP900
Motorola GP9000
Motorola HT1000
Motorola JT1000
Motorola MT1000
Motorola MT1500
Motorola MT2000
Motorola MTS2000
Motorola MTX-LS
Motorola MTX8000
Motorola MTX838
Motorola MTX900
Motorola MTX9000
Motorola MTX960
Motorola PR1500
Motorola XTS1500
Motorola XTS2000
Motorola XTS2250
Motorola XTS2500
Motorola XTS3000
Motorola XTS3500
Motorola XTS4250
Motorola XTS5000
Motorola XTX2500

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