Earbud earpiece for RSM or radio with 2.5mm plug and long cable

Earbud Listen-Only Earpiece with 2.5 mm angled plug and long, coil cord for use with radio, cell phone or speaker mic head with a 2.5mm jack

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Only you can hear what comes in over your S-Series™, Earbud Earpiece.

The EH-EPS-1003 earpiece is designed for use with portable radios, remote speaker microphones (RSMs) and other portable devices with a 2.5mm headphone jack.  The EH-EPS-1003 earpiece has a 2.5mm, angled headphone plug and long, coiled cable.  The plug is gold plated to ensure the best possible connection.

The EH-EPS-1003 is part of the EarHugger® S-Series™ line of speaker-style earpieces.  The original stay-on, stay-safe, stay comfortable earpiece. The S-Series™ earpiece offers clear, private reception for your portable radio or other device.  The patented EarHugger® frame holds your earpiece securely and comfortably in place.  Top quality electronics deliver bright, clear sound.   

S-Series™ earpieces are designed to be simple and reliable.  Constructed from durable materials and with reinforced strain relief points, the S-Series™ is ruggedized to withstand the demands of daily use.  In addition, all EarHugger® earpieces are backed by a 1 year warranty.

The S-Series™ earpiece is also available with other options – including long or short cord for connection to your RSM, radio or cell phone.  Plug options include 2.5mm and 3.5mm headphone plugs as well as a variety of manufacturer-specific plugs.


Matte Black

IP Rating
IP54 - Weatherproof

Plug Type
Gold Plated


Ear Size
One size fits most


  Air Cushion Ring
  EarHugger® Frame
  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Piece Design
  One-Year Warranty
  Premium Speaker
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Works With

How to Wear

Wearing With Radio on Vest Diagram

Wearing With Radio on Vest

Choose the short cable (14″) to connect the earpiece to your radio or receiver mounted on your vest close to your earpiece.  The short cable is available in three models with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm plug – angled or straight.

Wearing With RSM Diagram

Wearing With RSM

Choose the short cable (14″) to connect the earpiece to your Speaker Microphone (RSM) on your shoulder or chest.  The short cable is available in three models with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm, angled or straight plug.


  1. Durable Strain Relief
  2. Audio Plug
  3. Clothing Clip
  4. EarHugger® Over-Ear Frame
  5. Speaker-Style Earbud
  6. Silicone Cushion-Ring and Optional Foam Cover


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