Two Wire Eartube Headset for Motorola APX, XPR

Two-Wire T-Series Headset – Motorola APX, XPR, and SRX

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Transmit clearly and receive privately with the reliable and versatile Two-Wire, T-Series™ Eartube Headset for Motorola APX, SRX, and XPR radios.

The two-wire, T-Series™ eartube headset allows you listen privately and transmit clearly without touching your radio.  The two-wire headset is designed to improve on the job performance and safety.  The eartube earpiece was designed specifically to meet the needs of security and public safety professionals, but is also used often in the hospitality, retail, and security industry.  The two-wire headset allows you to use your hands freely to perform routine tasks while using your radio.  The flexible eartube earpiece provides a wide range of movement for your head while remaining securely and comfortably in place.  For security and public safety professionals, having your hands free and your head unconstrained is critical for situational awareness and safety.

The Two-Wire Eartube Headset combines a coiled, eartube earpiece and inline microphone in a simple, reliable headset.  The earpiece features an interchangeable ear insert.  Use the earbud insert for loud locations or an open ear insert when you need to be able to hear ambient noises or conversations.  The earpiece can be worn comfortably over either ear by reversing the insert.  The inline microphone includes a push to talk button and clothing clip.  Clip the microphone where you want it on your lapel, shirt, jacket, or vest.  Transmit using the push to talk button on the lapel mic.

The two-wire eartube headset includes the radio connector, lapel microphone with push to talk, speaker box, one clear eartube and an earbud insert.  Included with the two-wire headset is the EarHugger™ accessory kit – including additional tubes, open ear inserts, and the patented EarHugger™ over-ear frame.

The two-wire, T-Series™ eartube headset is an ideal choice for public safety, security, hospitality, and other professional users requiring a versatile and reliable headset.  The Two-Wire headset is available in a wide variety of radio connectors compatible with hundreds of radios.



Plug Type
Gold Plated
Long Coiled


Microphone Type
PTT Type
On Microphone


  Accessory Kit
  EarHugger® Frame
  Field Repairable
  Gold Connector
  High Quality Acoustic Tube
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Year Warranty
  Premium Microphone
  Premium Speaker
  Push to Talk
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Works With

Motorola APX1000
Motorola APX2000
Motorola APX3000
Motorola APX4000
Motorola APX4000XH
Motorola APX6000
Motorola APX6000XE
Motorola APX7000
Motorola APX7000L
Motorola APX7000SE
Motorola APX7000XE
Motorola APX8000
Motorola APX8000XE
Motorola DGP4150
Motorola DGP5050
Motorola DGP5550
Motorola DGP6150
Motorola DGP8050
Motorola DGP8550
Motorola DP3400
Motorola DP3401
Motorola DP3600
Motorola DP3601
Motorola DP4400
Motorola DP4401
Motorola DP4600
Motorola DP4601
Motorola DP4800
Motorola DP4801
Motorola MTP830 S
Motorola MTP850
Motorola SRX2200
Motorola XiR P8200
Motorola XiR P8208
Motorola XiR P8260
Motorola XiR P8268
Motorola XiR P8600
Motorola XiR P8608
Motorola XiR P8620
Motorola XiR P8628
Motorola XiR P8660
Motorola XiR P8668
Motorola XPR4500
Motorola XPR6000
Motorola XPR6100
Motorola XPR6300
Motorola XPR6350
Motorola XPR6380
Motorola XPR6500
Motorola XPR6550
Motorola XPR6580
Motorola XPR7350
Motorola XPR7380
Motorola XPR7550
Motorola XPR7580

How to Wear

Wearing With Shirt Diagram

Wearing With Shirt

The Two-Wire, T-Series headset is worn with the earpiece over your ear. The microphone and push-to-talk (PTT) is clipped to your lapel, to the inside your shirt sleeve, or held in your hand. The cable is run inside or outside your shirt depending on your preference.

Wearing With Vest Diagram

Wearing With Vest

The Two-Wire, T-Series headset is worn with the earpiece over your ear. The microphone and push-to-talk (PTT) is clipped to the center of your vest, clipped to the inside your shirt sleeve, or held in your hand. The cable is run inside or outside your vest depending on your preference.


Acoustic Tube Accessory Kit
Acoustic Tube Accessory Kit

Eartube Accessory Kit - Clear and Black tubes and frames, Open Ear Inserts
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  1. Radio connector
  2. Heavy duty strain relief
  3. Push-to-talk
  4. Microphone
  5. Clothing clip
  6. Eartube earpiece
  7. Field-replaceable speaker
  8. Clothing clip
  9. Acoustic tube
  10. EarHugger® frame
  11. Silicone Mushroom Bud


Replacement Parts

Customer Reviews

  S**** A

Was what I was looking for.

Was what I was looking for. Was surprised that the wires don’t disconnect from the piece that attaches to the radio.

  J***** K******

Very Nice

This is very nice. you hear everything very clear and no matter how loud it is you can still hear it all. very durable and very comfortable and you never know its in. first time use ear is sore but fast break in. you need to buy!!!

  E J****

Excellent Quality

I really like the Ear Hugger products, this product especially. Very good quality. I’ve tried several other brands in the past but had lots of problems with them breaking. I’m on my second Ear Hugger kit now. I’ve had this one for well...

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