Earpiece Cable with long straight cord and 3.5mm threaded plug

Replacement Cable for EPT1006 – 40” coil cord, 3.5mm threaded plug

$12.00 (USD)

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1 Year


Replacement audio cable for acoustic tube earpieces with a long straight cord and a 3.5mm threaded headphone plug.  The EH-P-1014 is designed to replace the cable on the EarHugger® EH-EPT-1006 earpiece.  

EarHugger® acoustic tube earpiece cables are designed to work with all EarHugger® T-Series™ earpieces and most other manufacturer’s acoustic tube earpieces – including OEM eartube earpieces.  

EarHugger® audio cables are manufactured from the highest quality materials and with reinforced strain relief to ensure long life and consistent performance.  Cable weight is balanced for durability and comfort.



IP Rating
IP56 - High pressure water

Plug Type
Gold Plated



  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Year Warranty
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Customer Reviews

  D** P*******

works as described

Helps me with my job

  D***** P********

Great replacement!

Great replacement for the stock cable that broke at 3.5mm plug and I couldn’t hear anything. The new replacement cable is the quality I would have expected from the original but for the price it’s good to know if you ever brake one at work I get a...



Bought this to replace the worn out cable on my old earpiece. It was very easy to replace the cable and it works great. Now I have a spare.

  James K

Good product

This product lets me be tactical and is a good product. I don’t have much experience with ear pieces and this is only my first day wearing it, but so far I like it. Positioning in the ear takes some getting used to and the only drawback I have so...

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