Quick Disconnect Adapter with PTT for Harris XL45 XL95 XG25 XG75 Radios

Quick Disconnect audio accessory adapter with PTT for Harris XL45 XL95 XG15 XG25 XG75 radios. Connects a compatible quick-disconnect audio accessory to your radio.

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Easily attach and remove audio accessories from your Harris XL45 XL95 XG15 XG25 XG75 radio with the handy Quick Disconnect Adapter.

The Quick Disconnect Adapter (QDA) makes connecting and removing audio accessories from your radio a snap.  No need to remove the connector or unscrew anything, just push the audio accessory on and it snaps in place.  Lift the connector sleeve and pull to remove.  

The Quick Disconnect Adapter makes putting on your headset or earpiece simple and easy, whether you wear a shirt, vest, uniform, or protective equipment.  When you need to temporarily disconnect the radio for any reason, just unsnap the accessory and you are good to go.

Swap accessories with ease, changing from a speaker mic, to a headset, or a tactical kit, depending on what your current situation calls for.  No need to unscrew the adapter – just click and go.

Change radios with ease, if you ever need to switch from one radio to another, even a different radio model, the universal quick disconnect connector allows you to take your headset or other audio accessory and move it from one radio to another as long as both radios have a quick disconnect adapter in place.  No need to buy a new accessory if your radios change, just buy a new adapter.

Reduce wear and tear on radios by leaving the adapter in place between shifts.  Just unsnap the accessory and drop your radio on its charger.

This model of quick disconnect adapter also includes a low-profile, auxiliary PTT button on the side for convenience.

The Quick Disconnect adapter is designed for public safety, military, and other professional users needing the ability to quickly swap accessories or radios.  The Quick Disconnect Adapter is compatible with your Harris Harris XL45 XL95 XG15 XG25 XG75 radio and is also available in other models to fit other Harris radios as well as radios from other manufacturers.



IP Rating
IP55 - Low pressure water

Plug Type
Gold Plated


PTT Type
Radio Connector
Release Date
Quick Disconnect


  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Year Warranty
  Push to Talk
  Quality Construction
  Quick Disconnect
  Rugged Materials

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