Acoustic Tube Listen-Only Earpiece for Radio Speaker Mics with 3.5mm Audio Jack

Acoustic Tube Receive / Listen-Only Earpiece for use with any speaker mic with a 3.5mm audio jack. Receive-only headset with earbud, open-ear inserts, extra tubes, and EarHugger® frame. Black color, 3.5 mm angled plug, short coiled cord. T-1001 EH-EPT-1001

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1 Year

Accessory Kit
The complete T-Series accessory kit is included at no additional cost

EarHugger® Frame
The optional EarHugger® frame holds your earpiece comfortably in place

Gold Connector
Gold-plated radio connector ensures the best signal for crisp, clear sound

Premium Speaker
Hear loud and clear, even in noisy areas, with our extended range speaker


Only you can hear your radio with the versatile EH-EPT-1001 earpiece. The EH-EPT-1001 eartube earpiece is designed for use with most remote speaker microphones (RSMs) and features a standard 3.5mm angled headphone plug and short, coiled cable.  Top quality electronics deliver bright, clear sound.

The EH-EPT-1001 is part of the versatile EarHugger™ T-Series™ line of acoustic tube earpieces and is configurable for a variety of situations, noise levels and use cases. The T-Series™ features an interchangeable acoustic tube system and ear inserts which are compatible with most industry-standard acoustic tube earpiece accessories.

The soft, silicone tubing connects the speaker to your ear for a comfortable and discreet fit. Use the open ear insert for situations when you need to hear both your radio and your surroundings. Use the the mushroom bud in noisy paces where you need to hear your radio clearly. The patented EarHugger™ frame helps hold the tube securely and comfortably in place when you need added support and is easily removed when not needed for a lower-profile appearance.

A complete accessory kit is included at no additional cost, with extra tubes, open ear inserts, mushroom bud and over-ear frames.

The T-Series™ earpiece is available in long or short cord for connection to your RSM or radio. Plug and connector options include 2.5mm, 3.5mm and several manufacturer-specific plugs.


Matte Black

IP Rating
IP54 - Weatherproof

Plug Type
Gold Plated
Cable Length



  Accessory Kit
  EarHugger® Frame
  Field Repairable
  Gold Connector
  High Quality Acoustic Tube
  One-Year Warranty
  Premium Speaker
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

How to Wear

Wearing With Radio on Vest Diagram

Wearing With Radio on Vest

Choose the short cable (14″) to connect directly to your radio or receiver mounted on your tactical vest.  The short cable is available in three models with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm, angled or straight plug.

Wearing With RSM Diagram

Wearing With RSM

Choose the short cable (14″) to connect to your Speaker Microphone on your shoulder or chest.  The short cable is available in three models with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm, angled or straight plug.


Acoustic Tube Earpiece Accessory Kit
Acoustic Tube Earpiece Accessory Kit

Eartube Accessory Kit - Clear and Black tubes and frames, Open Ear Inserts
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Mushroom Earbud
Mushroom Earbud

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Open Ear Insert
Open Ear Insert

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  1. Durable strain relief
  2. Audio plug
  3. Clothing clip
  4. Eartube earpiece
  5. Field replaceable speaker
  6. Clothing clip
  7. Flexible acoustic tube
  8. EarHugger® frame
  9. Silicone Mushroom Bud
  10. Open Ear Insert


Replacement Parts

Customer Reviews

  M*** S*****

Like the product

Works as it should only suggestion I would have would be a soft foam ear insert. I had used them with another brand and I liked them much better than the ones provided with this ear piece.

  J****** W****

Works great

When I was initially issued my radio, it came with a standard lapel mic and ear piece. I was constantly having to fight to keep it in my ear. This product has eliminated that problem completely. It is comfortable and almost unnoticeable.

  C********** S********

Very discreet!

Benefits of being able to hear radio traffic during concert and/or loud events. Also keeps bystanders from hearing secretive information, i.e. patient information or law enforcement request/response. No improvements needed!

  L****** K*****

Great listening product

Keeps people surrounding you from listening to your conversation. Clear conversation.

  C**** U***

Pretty good investment

Just wish that there was a shorter tube from the clip to the ear. Can’t find the right configuration to get it comfortable. Sound is of great quality though.

  L*** O****

good quality

fast and punctual shipping very good audio

  M*** D*******

Good product, wish it would last longer.

The Ear Hugger is very good for keeping radio transmissions private. It has good clarity/volume and is comfortable enough to use all day. My only quibble is it’s durability: my previous unit lasted about nine (9) months. I hope my new unit lasts...

  S*** P***


Helps me hear my radio more clearly and I don’t miss transmissions. Great addition to my gear.

  D***** L*******

Great Earpiece

This is a great Earpiece. The sound is crystal clear, which is what I needed. Easy to hear in a noisy environment. Top Quality construction.

  J***** P****

Sturdy and reliable

No issues to report at all. It looks slightly different than the photo on the website. Construction is solid and audio is clear.

  F******* M

Works Great!

Works great! I have been using it for a few months and it has not failed me. I bought a different brand before this one and quickly regretted it. Save time and money and buy this one.

  R*** E*****


Great product, great price. Will probably buy again.

  P**** G*****

Great Earpiece

Second time buying this item. My last one lasted two years. I hope this one will last as long.

  M*** S


This is a very comfortable piece of equipment. I hardly even feel it. I don’t have to turn my volume up for everyone to hear now when receiving transmissions.

  M****** P*****

Good Clarity

My friend bought it and he says that it has really good clarity, and I agree with hime on that. It’s good for clearing rooms because no one can know your’e comming.

  C********* T*******

Works Great

I have used this product for a couple of years now and just a couple of weeks ago it finally took a dump on me. All in all it worked great, I knew about calls before other patrolmen did. It works great and Earhugger has some excellent customer service....

  Michael D


At first, it hurt my ear and it cut the inside of my ear after a fight. But, I took a pair of scissors and trimmed down the ear piece. Now, I have used it for the past 6 months with no problems. I will not go on patrol again without it.

  T****** L****

This earpiece is excellent

This earpiece is excellent. You will have to give it some time though after first buying it. For the first week of using it my ear was sore, but I later got use to it.

  Jennifer O

Stays On

My first night on the street with my earpiece I got myself into a foot pursuit! I have to admit that this earpiece stayed in my ear on not on the ground!! I recommend you buy this.

  Jennifer F


My FTO advised I should have one of these. I was alittle leary and now I can’t live without. We do alot of building searches and deal with alot of warrants. So it’s awesome because they don’t hear that they’re wanted or when you...

  D****** E********

Good for the price.

Good for the price, uncomfortable if worn all night long. Can’t have the volume up to high on your radio otherwise hard to hear but it works great and is nice to have if you work in a noisy environment, very tactical, easily concealed.

  J*** R******


I’d recommend this earpiece for anyone who is in law enforcement. I find it very comfortable for a long shift, and not missing any radio transmissions is great. Great price.

  V****** L*****

I like it a lot

I like it alot. You can get your clear for traffic returns without having to walk away. Does hurt a little but you get used to it.

  J***** K****

Stays on

I bought this ear piece not too long ago and yes your ear does hurt after using it, but after about a week of use your ear gets used to it. This product can keep you unheard when radio traffic is a must in quiet situations. Also make sure that you have...

  A***** K

Product is great

This Product is great. It is uncomfortable after a while and hurts my ear, but when I fell in the lake at 40ft deep the other day it still worked when I got out of the water.

  Austin K


This items is great! I recomment this for anyone who used walkies. It works like a dream.

  S**** C*****


Fit is perfect and comfortable for long duration. Wore it under a boned hood and bunker gear with ease.

  J***** P****

Super Solid

You can tell this earpiece is built right. The cable is slightly heavier gage than others I’ve owned and all the parts look and feel solid. Looking forward to using it on the line.

  P**** R


Its an average ear piece

  G*** C

Most Excellent

Thank you very much. Take care and God Bless.

  G******* l

A must have

Took a bit to get right. Chaned the ear insert and used the left ear. Works great and keeps me safe.

  J***** H

Gets the job done

Fits well and works well on duty

  J***** J



  J***** G

Not designed for taller people

Wish the stereo coiled cable was a bit longer. It has a lot of tension for someone tall like me, but it should work for people of average height.

  Antaeus S


High recommended! Great product and is comfortable for up to 8 hours.

  S***** N

Highly recommended product!!!!

Product works great and easily accessible for field usage. It’s a heavy duty product for all weather conditions. Product is durable with no irritable remarks.

  P****** M

it is really nice

It works really great and is comfortable

  C**** C

The sound and fit is great.

The sound and fit is great.

  Simon C

Great clarity

Great clarity and fit with 3 different ear pieces.

  Teresa R

Great fit

Great fit very clear reception!

  K*** B

Works Well enough

It works well enough. For the cost it’s pretty good it just isn’t very comfortable.

  M*** G

Works Well

Works well with my mic., comfortable and sounds good. As for how long it lasts we will see.

  C**** B

I can hear you now.

With the earpiece, I can hear dispatch calls when I’m patrolling an outdoor concert and I’m less than fifty feet from the band. Thank you.

  C*** M******


This is a very comfortable item. Works great


Great Product, Great Price

Super simple, solidly constructed and the price is right.

  P****** I******


Decent stuff. Hard to change ear pieces. Good quality audio. Needed to work in loud venues. I would buy again.

  M****** N

Good Value

All of the pieces were present and of good quality. I’m not sure if I have small ears or if other have had issues but the 2 pieces that allow for one to hear with the earpiece in hurt my ears. I thought it was just and adjustment but resulted in more...

  Z****** B

Well Constructed

It’s well constructed and works well for what I do

  J***** F*****


Great prices of equipment and hooks up to the hand mic easily. The cords are short.


Would recommend for anyone needing an ear piece for their radio!

Fits great, easy to use! It’s dependable and has good audio. It fits well in the ear with its combination of ear pieces! A definite plus for quality professional work and service…The Jack, tubing and ear pieces are first quality.

  K**** G


The best one yet…. I am very impressed with the way it actually Hug my ear. I wish it came with a better cushion for the inner ear. Overall, I’m very pleased with this ear piece.

  B****** H

Great product!

I use this every day and it works great!

  A*** F******


Cannot stand not having it. As a Transit Officer around loud buses all day makes communications easy. You are the only one to hear what is being said. Good when you have subjects in custody who have warrants.

  James D

Love it!

Great!!! I bought this for my brother who is a police officer for Christmas! He Love‘s it!!

  R***** H

Pro Tip

Just got this earpiece and the sound is great. My one complaint is that the wrap does not cling to my ear as much as I’d like. Maybe I have small ears who knows. But don’t worry there is a simple solution. Take a paperclip and unfold it so its...

  F********* R


It’s wonderful at its job

  B**** B

Works great.

Works great. Little big inside your ear. But great sound.

  James S


Didn’t realize it was a listen only but still works great.

  C******* R

Great product!

Great product!

  C*** O****


Works great with my RSM. Would buy again.

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