Security Earpiece for Radio

Updated: March 8, 2022
Author: Kiana Malzl

If you’ve ever seen the security team on television or in movies, you know the sight of their earpieces. Using secure radio for their communication, their teamwork depends on a secure network that blocks out environmental noise while allowing clear communication between team members.

Our Earhugger® T-Series™ Eartube and S-Series™ Earbud are each a different security earpiece explicitly made for this purpose. They are designed to allow you to hear your radio clearly and confidentially in any environment and are made to last in harsh conditions.

How it Works

T-Series Security Earpiece

For the T-Series™ Eartube, the acoustic tube connects to your radio receiver and is plugged into your ear, enabling only you to hear your radio. In addition, the security earpiece for radio allows you and your team to communicate in the heat of the moment, remaining securely in your ear using our patented EarHugger® frame.

Your radio drives a transducer (a small speaker) that moves the air within the tube. The tube is tightly sealed to the transducer and your ear, creating a space where only you can hear it and blocking out environmental noise.

This provides the perfect system for confidential information to be passed along between team members clearly and safely.

S-Series Security Earpiece

The S-Series™ Earbud also ensures only you can hear your radio with its similarly snug, patented EarHugger® frame. Add in our quality electronics, and you’ve got a bright, clear sound that is plugged into your private system.

The earbud doesn’t use the air tube technology but converts the sound digitally before reaching your earpiece. The system works with push-to-talk and is compatible with multiple kinds of microphones.

Tactical Security Earpiece Headset

If you are looking for an all-in-one security set, our Three-Wire Headset has got you covered. You don’t need a bulky speaker mic to enable your two-way radio communications when you’ve got our all-in-one earpiece, inline PTT (push to talk), and lapel microphone system.

The lapel mic can be placed on your label or sleeve cuff for easy access or simply carried in your hand.

The purpose of the system is for a simple, all-in-one method to use your push to talk radio and communicate as a security team. The included T-Series™ Eartube provides clear and private sound directly to the ear while blocking unnecessary environmental sounds.

The inline PTT allows you to talk using the push of a button. It also includes a jack for an optional finger-ring PPT system should you want it.

For Expert Security Communication

Our Security Earpieces are designed to stay on and comfortable from more than 20 years of expert earpiece design experience.

Each is available with either long or short cord connections and includes plug sizes for 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and several other manufacturer-specific plugs.

Our earpieces are made with durable materials meant to withstand even the harshest conditions.

You can wear your radio receiver on your belt or in your pocket and use the long cable (40”) to reach it. The earpiece will also work with your cell phone.

The short cable (14”) will work best for a radio or receiver connected to a vest and available in the same plug models.

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