Speaker Microphone for Motorola Pro Radios

Speaker Microphone – Motorola PRO, GT

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1 Year


Speaker Microphone – Motorola PRO, GT


Matte Black

IP Rating
IP55 - Low pressure water

Plug Type
Gold Plated
Heavy Duty Coiled


Volume Control
On Radio
Audio Jack
3.5 mm
Microphone Type
PTT Type
On Microphone


  Earpiece Jack
  Field Repairable
  Gold Connector
  Matte-Black Finish
  One-Piece Design
  One-Year Warranty
  Premium Microphone
  Premium Speaker
  Push to Talk
  Quality Construction
  Rugged Materials

Works With

Baofeng BF-9700
Baofeng BF-A58
Hytera TC-980
Motorola GP1280
Motorola GP140
Motorola GP280
Motorola GP320
Motorola GP328
Motorola GP329
Motorola GP338
Motorola GP339
Motorola GP340
Motorola GP350
Motorola GP360
Motorola GP380
Motorola GP580
Motorola GP640
Motorola GP650
Motorola GP680
Motorola GP960
Motorola HT1250
Motorola HT1250LS
Motorola HT1550
Motorola HT1550XLS
Motorola HT750
Motorola MTP810EX
Motorola MTX1500
Motorola MTX8250
Motorola MTX8250LS
Motorola MTX850
Motorola MTX850LS
Motorola MTX9250
Motorola MTX950
Motorola MTX960
Motorola PR860
Motorola PRO5150
Motorola PRO5350
Motorola PRO5450
Motorola PRO5550
Motorola PRO5750
Motorola PRO7150
Motorola PRO7350
Motorola PRO7450
Motorola PRO7550
Motorola PRO7750
Motorola PRO9150
Motorola PTX700
Motorola PTX760
Motorola PTX780
Motorola R765

How to Wear

Wearing on Chest Diagram

Wearing on Chest

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn in the center of your chest, clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is the most popular way to wear the RSM – placing it close to your head in the center of your chest.

Wearing on Shoulder Diagram

Wearing on Shoulder

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn on your shoulder – clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is recommended for most law-enforcement professionals.

Wearing Over Shoulder Diagram

Wearing Over Shoulder

The speaker microphone (RSM) can be worn over your shoulder, clipped to your shirt or vest. This position is preferred when you need the cable to be tight and the RSM to be close to your head.


Nylon Lapel Strap
Nylon Lapel Strap

Lapel Strap - Nylon
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  1. Radio Connector
  2. Heavy-Duty Strain Relief
  3. Removable Heavy-Duty Clothing Clip
  4. Large Push-To-Talk
  5. Omni-Directional Microphone
  6. Loud Speaker
  7. 3.5mm Audio Jack for Earpiece
  8. Heavy-Duty Strain Relief


Replacement Parts

Customer Reviews

  R*** C******

Great product.

Great product. I never miss a call. Works great with the EarHugger earpeice.

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